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EMG-6 "Shop Notes" January 2017

"EMG-6 Shop Notes" is a day-to-day accounting of what's going on in the shop with the EMG-6 Electric Motor Glider.

January 30, 2017 For the last 16 days straight we have been engaged in a light sport repairman maintenance class.  This is one of the smallest classes that we've ever had. Four of the students that signed up for this class had to pull out for various reasons just before the start of class. The wintertime classes are always limited to  a maximum of 12 to accommodate the facilities during the cold winter months. As it turned out the best day, weather wise, of the entire class was the last day. All of the students graduated with flying colors and will now move on to utilize their FAA light sport repairman maintenance certificate in different ways. Although this was a small size class of only 8 students, they came from pretty much every corner of the United States. And unlike a normal class, we had no foreign students this time. The next class wil…

Brushless DC Motor (How it Works) Videos

Brushless DC Motor (How it Works) Videos

Low Cost Hydroforming (Video)

Low cost hydroforming on the Rainbow Aviation Video channel with your host Brian Carpenter. In this episode were going to be taking a look at a low cost way  to manufacture your own aluminum hydro-formed  parts. This is a companion video for technically speaking article published in the May 2016 sport aviation magazine

Dan Kokenge Design

An email came across my desk today. Thought I'd share it. Innovative ideas going all over the place these days.
January 26, 2017

Wow! I saw your video. I thought I was the only one working on this.  I agree that electric is the way to go. The military has pretty much said that all new craft will be electric.

Builder Ed. Santucci S/N 16-027 North Carolina

Builders  Ed. Santucci S/N 16-027 North Carolina
January 13, 2017 Ed's latest Pictures

Lift Strut Attach Fitting (Video)

53-10-50 Lift Strut Attach Fitting Video In this video we go through the installation process of the lift strut attach fittings on the fuselage frame.

Seat Support Tubes (Video)

Seat Brace Tube Installation P/N 53-10-02-106  and P/N 53-10-02-107 Tube installation onto the fuselage frame.

Ultraflight Batteries Donald Lineback

"Donald Lineback" Batteries
  Donald Lineback and his latest E-Mail.

 January 7, 2017   News about what to buy:   Before looking at batteries - consider the voltage current demand. Let’s compare voltage to gasoline. One gallon of gas contains 33.7kWh energy according to EPA or 33,700Wh. How big of battery would that be? An NCM Lithium-Ion pack would be 33.7kWh, 172 cells, 635v, 107Ah and weigh 927 pounds. If you factor in the fact that the average car only gets 23% of that energy - the battery pack would still weigh: 213 pounds. So adding a big current demand is not good. Nor is it a good idea to equate the battery pack weight to 5 gallons of fuel in ultralights. ("apples to apples”)

For the number one incentive was to build a highly efficient motor and use less energy. It has been easy for some motor designers to make high kW demanding motors. The problem - airplanes just couldn’t carry enough batteries. Big motors also disqualify themselves to …

Top 10 apps for the aircraft builder. Sport Aviation / Experimenter "Technically Speaking" Article December 2016

Top 10 apps for the aircraft builder
“There’s an app for that.” This overused cliché becomes more and more apropos every day. Even for the aircraft builder, we now have a virtual toolbox in our pocket that has become indispensable. We have reached the point in technology where it is now the norm for an aircraft manufacturer to publish maintenance manuals, parts manuals, and all other documentation, for that matter, in a digital format. If you’ve grown up on paper, the transition to digital can sometimes be difficult, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

#1 The PDF Reader App:(Figure: 1) The Rotax manuals, for example, consists of literally thousands of pages spanning more than a dozen different manuals. The ability to use a search function on a 500-page manual can really speed up the process of locating the information that you’re looking for. In our shop, we have a library of aircraft maintenance manuals accumulated over the last 40 years.