53-10 Fuselage Frame

Builders Guide

53 Fuselage

53-10 Fuselage Frame 


Link to the Builders  Database for the Fuselage

53-10-00 Wing Box  

53-10-01 Pilots Seat Assembly

53-10-02 Forward Bulkhead Assembly

53-10-03 Rear Bulkhead Assembly

53-10-04 Passengers Seat

53-10-05 Landing Gear Box Assembly

53-10-06 Instrument Panel Assembly

53-10-07 Rudder Pedal Assembly

53-10-08 Keel Assembly

53-10-09 Lower Fuselage Assembly

53-10-50 Lift Strut Attach

53-10-51 Flap Pivot Mount

53-10-80 Gear Mount Tabs

53-10-81 BRS Rocket Mount

53-10-82 BRS Deployment Handle

53-10-84 Spring Mounting Tab 

53-10-85 Mono Wheel Axle


On this page we will keep up-to-date with each of the videos that relates to the fuselage frame sub-assembly. We will list the videos in building order.  As we produce more videos we will continue to add them to the list. Also links to assembly instructions and E-drawings.

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EMG-6 E-Drawings Now Available 

Assembly Instructions

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