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Fuselage Boom Reference Drawings/Pictures

53-20 Fuselage Boom  We have added some additional reference pictures to help with the assembly of the fuselage boom. These are primarily to assist with the  overall orientation of the components and the assembly process.
These pictures have also been uploaded to the builders database and are available. There under chapter 53-20.

EMG-6 "Shop Notes" November 2015

November "Shop Notes"
"EMG-6 Shop Notes" is a day-to-day accounting of what's going on in the shop with the EMG-6 Electric Motor Glider.

November 25, 2015 Test manufacturing of another (LD) Rudder assembly. Since the temperature has dropped substantially. The productivity and the big hangar which does not have heat becomes impractical.

I asked Jason today to work in hangar seven and go through the process of building the rudder assembly.

We have redesigned the rudder assembly slightly .
All of the components are identical except we have replaced the leading edge with a smaller, lighter weight, and more aesthetic leading edge that incorporates the leading edge spar into the one-piece leading edge. 
This simplifies the construction process And it makes it possible to fit the entire rudder kit into a much smaller package for shipping.
All of the original pieces and holes still line up using the new leading edge piece and those of you that currently have a rudder …