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"How To" Tachometer Calibration using a Video Camera or Iphone

Tachometer Calibration Video

Each month we are responsible for an article that gets published in the Sport Aviation / Experimenter magazine. We also try to have a video that corresponds with these articles and create the video and the article simultaneously. Each article/video requires about 60 to 80 hours of our time to generate the graphics, video, and the article. The void in the progress blog is a result of our time being spent finishing up this month's article which will be published 2 to 3 months from now. EAA has always been a significant fixture in our lives and probably without them projects like the EMG-6 would probably never come to fruition. EAA has been the one primary force in the aviation community that continues to advocate for and support experimental aircraft. So the time away from the EMG-6 has been time well spent. If you're excited about projects like the EMG-6 then you should understand the importance of the EAA organization. We encourage you to become and…

Oops Video

Pictures from Test Flight

June 23 Test Flight Video

We have compiled a series of clips from the June 23 test flight. Mostly just a series of takeoffs and landings checking the operation of the landing gear system. In this video you can see a couple of examples of where I was using the brakes to hold the tail off the ground where I actually didn't nose over. you can also see multiple times when the nose of the aircraft dodges to the left. This is primarily result of the goofy set up that I had on the brake handle where I could only reach the left-hand brake. Overall the flight test was a success and we gathered enough data to proceed further with the redesign of the landing gear system

Wing Installation with New Streamlined Struts

EMG-6 Prototype gets an Upgrade
In preparation for reassembly of the aircraft and installation of the wings we have removed the old wing strut assemblies. We've invested many thousands of dollars in the streamlined wing strut extrusions for the new aircraft and as a result we felt it necessary to leverage our ability to use the streamlined wing struts on the prototype aircraft as well. The conversion to the new wing strut should give the Prototype aircraft a much better look as well as reduce the drag.

The wings are being reinstalled back into their original position on the aircraft which provides for the trailing edge on both wings to be parallel and a leading-edge is now swept backwards 3°. We are also reducing the total dihedral in the wing from its original 4° back to 2°. We have propped up each wing and are now ready to start the installation of the new streamlined wing struts.

Airframe Modifications

Aircraft modifications begin on the prototype.

We were holding out to see if we could complete a couple more test flights on the aircraft but the wind speed came up pretty early in the morning and so we abandon ship for the rest of the test flights and have just dive right into the modifications of the EMG-6 prototype.

The planed modifications to the aircraft include, Installation of the tail dragger landing gear and removal of all the other wheels on the aircraft.

Moving the wing sweep back to its original position of 3° aft. This will assist in the center of gravity to allow lighter weight pilots to fly the aircraft without having to ballast the airplane after the installation of the Polini-250. and while we have the wings removed from the aircraft for the landing gear modifications we will install the new streamlined struts onto the prototype as well.

This will probably put the aircraft out of service for at least a week but then we should be back into the air and resume our Polini…

Aircraft Is Back on Its Landing Gear

New Landing Gear

Today we finish the installation of the tail dragger landing gear assembly. In this picture here were finishing up the final installation of all of the an hardware that will be installed for the final time.

Although the pictures not quite in focus this is the right hand side landing gear brake disc and caliper assembly.

Once we had finalized the installation we went ahead and set the aircraft back on to the ground. We still have some modifications to do to the tail wheel assembly which will raise the aircraft just a little bit more. But we still have even in this configuration about 4 1/2 to 5 inches of ground clearance with the propeller.

EMG-5 Heads to the Junkyard

A sad day indeed. 
In business there are many choices that are needed to be made every day many of them painful. this was one of them. Realizing that the EMG-6 requires 100% attention and all of our resources made us come to the conclusion that paying to store, keep track of, and move all of the components for other projects detracts from our EMG-6 project, we have decided that they simply have to go. We are having to make more space for expanding the manufacturing capability for the EMG-6 and the Rainbow Aviation maintenance classes. in addition to the EMG-5 project headed to the junkyard all of the spare parts and tooling for other previous projects are also on their way out. 

Total for all of the spare aluminum from the scrap metal place was $170.

Shock Strut Manufacturing

Building The Shock Struts

We have begun the process of building the shock strut's for the prototype aircraft.

The fork ends are manufactured by bending the sheet-metal tabs into and then inserting them into the 4130 tube.

Once the tabs have been inserted in the proper distance onto the tube we can begin the process of welding.

EMG-6-250 and the Polini 250 motor 1st test flight series Video

So we have gathered up just a portion of the video that we took during the flight test day. On the last flight we had accumulated 1 hour and 37 minutes of flight time. Most of the flight was rather unimpressive because we were continuing with the break-in procedure which required short bursts of full power followed by varying segments of power throughout the power range a lot of gliding at reduce power settings. the winds were fairly aggressive and so takeoff and landing was done at an angle to the runway. The landing was accomplished so that we could immediately taxi into the shelter of the hanger from the wind.

Polini 250 First Test Run Video

Polini 250 Engine Test Run We have uploaded a YouTube video of the basic raw footage from the 1st test run on the Polini 250 motor.

Today were finishing up some of the last tasks necessary before we can run the engine. In the picture below we are installing the cylinder head temperature/water temperature probe wiring on to the existing Polini CHT water temperature sender.

EMG-6 Prototype Certification into the Amateur Built Category

Before we could conduct any flight tests we had to finish up with the certification on the aircraft. Putting it into the experimental amateur built category. In its current configuration the EMG-6-250 exceeds the 254 pound weight limit for part 103 ultralight aircraft.

Final Preparation for Engine Run

Prepping for first engine Run

We still have quite a few items on the list that we need to accomplish before we can begin the flight test with the Polini 250 engine. One of those items is to incorporate a new nose skid/wheel. In this picture here were machining out one of the nose skid mounting adapters that takes the place of both the existing nose skid and the tow hook mount on the lower keel.

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