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Propeller design for the Polini 250

Propeller for the EMG-6-250

We have had to undertake the task of making our own propeller for the Polini 250 installation. because of the limited propeller clearance issue on the EMG-6, the noise requirements, the horse power that we have to absorb with the 250, the propeller loading requirements, the moment of inertia limitations, and the airspeed that the aircraft will fly at. we have searched the world over and been unable to locate what we feel will be an appropriate propeller for the aircraft.

We are using some propeller software to assist in the manufacturing process of the EMG-6-250 propeller. This propeller software is licensed by Jan Carlson. And although it's not complete enough for us to make a perfect judgment about the propeller this necessary for the aircraft the math is accurate enough that we can get a really reasonable starting point to have a baseline that we can work with.

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