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1st Aero Tow with the Quicksilver GT500

1st Aero tow with the Quicksilver GT 500 tow plane This is the EMG-6 first Aero-tow with the Quicksilver GT-500 Tow plane. Towing with the ground tow hook location proved to be a big challenge. The EMG-6 required nearly full down elevator to correct for the pitching moment. Flight altitude 2700 ft AGL.

Twist Welding Cable (How To)

Twist Welding Cable (How To)  In this segment of "Building the EMG-6" we look at a nifty little trick called Twist Welding. Used to treat the end of a cable so that it prevents unraveling and simultaneously necks down the end making it easier to insert into a hole.

Adventure Aircraft Web Store

Rainbow Aviation Services and Adventure Aircraft web store

The web store is up and operational. The online store is being used on a regular basis now By Both Rainbow Aviation Services, the EMG-6 And the Polini Motor Section.

The amount of data that is in the EMG-6 section is still somewhat limited with only about 250 items currently in the store. As time goes on we will propagate more and more of the aircraft components into the web store and eventually we hope to have every single component available online.

Most all of the builders that are currently building the aircraft are being dealt with on a one-on-one basis and are getting plenty of attention. But in today's world not having an online store presence is pretty much unacceptable. So we continue to build the web store as we have time.

Click here for a link to the Web Store

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