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EMG-6 Powered Flight Test (Predator 37 Electric Sustainer Motor)

EMG-6 Powered Flight Test (Predator 37 Electric Sustainer Motor)  Flight test #55 and #56 testing the viability of the Predator 37 sustainer motor.

EMG-6 Test Flight #54 (First Flight With Electric Power)

EMG-6 Test Flight #54 (First Flight With Electric Power)  This is the 1st test flight series using the predator 37 electric sustainer motor on the EMG-6. This is the 3rd of 3 test flights that were conducted on July 7, 2014. In this video we get a surprise malfunction during the end of the flight.

EMG-6 Test Flight #11 (Video)

EMG-6 Test Flight #11 
(From Jan 2014) This is the remastered version of the original EMG-6 Test Flight  #11. This video was put together as a corresponding reference for the data that has been collected during the test flight sequence.
The flight test data that we are seen during the early flights are very promising. The early versions of the flights that we are conducting now are simply for baseline data collection and to evaluate flight characteristics. All of the data collected during these early flight tests will be utilized to evaluate any changes needed before proceeding on with  the production prototype.

EMG-6 (1st Electric Motor Test Run) Predator 37 Sustainer Motor

EMG-6 (1st Electric Motor Test Run) Predator 37 Sustainer Motor  1st operational test of the predator 37 sustainer motor for the EMG-6. In reality the very 1st test was not caught on video. It lasted only a few seconds until we realized that the propeller was turning backwards and so we shut the motor down and reversed the outside leads on the motor and corrected the problem. The 1st test run was done without any instrumentation and everything worked well. The test was discontinued while we installed and optical tachometer. Once the optical tachometer and the motor temperature sensor were installed we reassembled everything and ran the next test which you can see in the video. The optical tachometer sensor was not functioning as it should so we stopped once again removed the optical tachometer sensor and wired in a sensor directly into the motor. This is also shown on the video and the initial test showed erratic tachometer operation. So we once again disassembled the system and prop…

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