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1st Welding Fixture Kits Ship

The 1st fuselage welding fixture kits begin shipping. 4-17-2014In the picture below we see the box with all of the welding fixtures necessary to build the fuselage frame on the EMG-6. Although we are still very early in the development of all of the kits many customers enthusiasm is such that we are trying to keep up with their desire to begin the building process. Because the most expensive and difficult portion of the aircraft to build is the fuselage frame that is where we have started.

Those customers that have the ability to do welding themselves can save nearly $4000 in the cost of the aircraft. By building the fuselage frame they can get a jump on the other builders. In the picture below are the rental fixtures. We are providing all the fixtures for a $100 rental fee and $20 per month. We do require a $500 deposit for the fixtures out of which the rental fee will be taken but a refund of the deposit will take place after the return of these fixtures in good condition. Once the …

Solid-Works Rendering Video of the EMG-6

EMG-6 Solid Works Model

The EMG-6 is completely modeled in solid works. This is a 3-D modeling software is very popular in the aircraft design world. Every single component within the aircraft is modeled independently and assembled in sub-assemblies.This video is a simple 10 second Clip of the EMG-6. The builders of the EMG-6 have access to a significant database of 3-D models for each component of the aircraft. These component files can be downloaded in e- drawings and looked at in a 3-D format being able to rotate, Zoom in, Zoom out, even cross-section and disassemble each sub assembly. Even a simple 3-D video like this can take hours to render on our very powerful 8 core processor computer.

Wing Box Welding Fixtures

Wing Box Frame and Jigging Fixtures April 2014We have started the manufacturing of the fuselage frame for prototype #2 and #3. We have put a considerable amount of effort into designing this frame so that it can be manufactured by the builder. In this blog segment we will take a look at the procedure used in manufacturing this frame. These are only a glimpse of the process used and we are currently in the making of the assembly manual for the fuselage which will go into this process in much greater detail. We are simultaneously manufacturing the frame and making the manual on prototype #2 and on prototype #3 we will be building that frame directly from the manual.

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