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Operating the EMG-6 as a Glider

There is no official definition of a "motor glider". The FAA does not use that term. They do call out a requirement for a "glider", the aircraft is still considered a "glider" even though it has an engine.

In FAR part 23, for an aircraft to be considered a "glider" it must meet the following criteria:
(i) The number of occupants does not exceed two;
(ii) Maximum weight does not exceed 850 kg (1874 pounds); and
(iii) The maximum weight to wing span squared (w/b2) does not exceed 3.0 kg/M2 (0.62 lb./ft.2).

The EMG-6 aircraft meets all of this criteria. The span loading requirement is easily achieved. 750 / (37 ²) = (.55 lb./ft.2). Aspect Ratio 8 Span Loading .55 Gross weight 750 Lbs. Useful load 400 Lbs.

Some of the most interesting aspects of the project are the possibilities related to operating the aircraft as a glider.

The aircraft is equipped with a two position tow system that can be installed either in the forward position for Aero tow o…

Aviators Hotline ( EMG-6 Electric Motor Glider Achieves First Flight)


EMG-6 Take off Compilation

EMG-6 Take off Compilation  This video is a simple compilation of the takeoff sequences that we have captured on video to date. It is interesting to see in the videos the amount of effort that was placed on walking the wing during takeoff run.   All of these takeoffs were done in no wind conditions.

EMG-6 Towing (Video)

EMG-6 Towing  In this video we are correlating some of the data related to the tow rope pressures within the tow vehicle and the information on the aircraft related to tow speeds, rate of climb, altitude etc. The pressure chart in the lower left corner is a correlation with actual pull in pounds related to the pressure gauge within the tow vehicle.

Aero News Network: EMG-6 In the news with first test flights.


Aero-News Network EMG-6 Article

Aero-News Network  EMG-6 Article

EMG-6 Flight 11 face cam

EMG-6 Flight 11 face cam  EMG-6 Flight 11 face cam (Raw Footage)

EMG-6 Landing (Video)

EMG-6 Landing  Rookie cameraman  (video stabilized)

EMG-6 Test Flight #11 Left wing (Video)

EMG-6 Test Flight #11 Left wing (raw footage)  EMG-6Test Flight #11 Left wing (raw footage)

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